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You first meet them with your eyes.

Batucada jewels and sandals form delicate and harmonious patterns on your skin… your eyes can’t resist. Then, you want to touch them. Your fingers feel a soft, light and versatile material which barely touches your skin and is really comfortable to wear.

Batucada has its spell on you now, you want more.

You wear them and experience something you’ve never felt before. With its tattoo effect, the jewel has actually become a part of you. Totally irresistible and quite unique. 

Batucada also treats nature as a treasure…
All their creations are hand-made with an exclusive material, 100% recyclable, totally eco friendly – lead-free, oil-free, phthalate-free.

Feel free to create new patterns : items can be combined or juxtaposed, colours merge and new shapes come to life…

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