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Co-founder Vinson Leow bought a pair of blue cotton wax laces to replace the broken laces on his Italian dress shoes. The laces looked great at first; however after a month of daily use, the laces started to fray and the colour had faded away to light blue and white. Frustrated, he researched and discovered that there were no quality shoelaces readily available in retail stores that were able to stand the test of time.

Bondi Laces has taken the everyday shoelace and transformed it into a sartorial statement, guaranteed to add personality and charm to any outfit. Inspired by the Australian lifestyle – with colours such as Uluru Red, Tim Tam and Bondi Blue - these renegade laces give you the freedom to walk your way.

Bondi Laces have been created for dapper gents with impeccable style that take pleasure in the details. Each pair of colourful shoelaces has been reinforced with copper tips in silver, gold or rose gold. Combining these luxury details with a 10 year guarantee Bondi Laces has produced the best shoelaces a gentlemen can buy.

By adding colour and happiness to your wardrobe, you in turn can pay it forward and help others. Each pair sold will go towards providing education to children in need in Ghana, Guatemala or Laos.

Bondi Laces is created by Sydney born and raised Vinson Leow & Nelson Chan. Nelson Chan's parents arrived in Australia like many others, as the first wave of immigrants from the Vietnam War. Vinson Leow's parents arrived in Australia from Laos in January 1978. Bondi Laces is their opportunity to give back.

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