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The Geneva Lab team are based in Switzerland, and are passionate about designing and engineering high quality sound & vision products, for users with a contemporary lifestyle. Their design philosophy is based on the view that the most important attribute of an audio system is the sound. A system should sound great, without compromising on design or technology. They focus on making products easy to use, and an effortless fit into a home. Their aesthetic approach is minimalist, adding only those functions that are essential to a good experience.

These philosophies challenge the engineers to strive for the best. Do not be misled by the external simplicity of the products. The inside contains the very latest audio technologies. Products from Geneva Lab are not mass produced low-cost units. Geneva only works with manufacturers who share their passion for high quality, and do not cut corners to save cost - because that would impair the total experience of the product.

The stunning and advanced sound technology creations require a significant amount of craftsmanship, such as can be seen in the piano lacquered cabinets. It is only through a real care and attention to detail that Geneva is able to deliver such a high quality and finish "If being Swiss means being a perfectionist, we are proud to be Swiss. We also hope that our passion for what we do is part of your experience of our products. From us at Geneva Lab, we hope that you really enjoy our products." 

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