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Luxxbox was founded in 2006 as a vehicle for Industrial Designer Jason Bird to design and manufacture his own collection of diverse commercial and domestic products. With a long and varied career already under his belt, including as co-founder of design studio Acid Light, and accolades and exhibitions reaching from Australia to Tokyo and New York, Jason's savvy is channelled into Luxxbox's unique aesthetic version of urban design. Luxxbox's designs are a visual display of strength in form, with decorative illumination and lifestyle/furniture products that explore negative space, with industrial finishes his class of choice.

The use of unconventional materials, colours and local production techniques pushes boundaries to make a statement in style. Luxxbox is committed to supporting Queensland and Australian manufacturers and in doing so is continually evolving its design and production techniques. As a result, Luxxbox products embody a uniquely Australian influence which is being appreciated across the globe for its refreshing take on modern, cutting edge design.

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