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murph&murph beach/all-purpose bags were conceived when sisters, Anna and Catherine Murphy, decided to put their heads together to construct a bag they believed would be perfect for their own active families. Something stylish, robust and practical that could get their gear to and from the beach and other social and sporting activities.

After many months of design, they came up with The Cove. The bag needed to be constructed with materials that allowed for a free standing structure, as well as water resistant, durable but still comfortable to hold against skin.

"With a family of surfers we tend to spend more time at the beach and outdoors than at home. We really needed a bag that was strong and large enough, with plenty of separation to keep wet from dry. It had to have secure pockets for phones and keys and an insulated pocket for a water bottle. It was also important to us that the bag kept its open shape for easy access and loading. We now have the finished product, and our bag is in continual use... and the kids no longer turn things upside down to find the sunscreen." Anna

"The more we used our bag, we realised it had versatility way beyond the beach. From the back of the boat to carry on luggage. It even stabilises and insulates our open bottle at outdoor concerts." Catherine said.

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