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In 2010 Fabio and Cristina meet Emanuele Pizzolorusso, a young designer who lives in Finland, and decide to produce the Crumpled City Maps, the soft maps that don’t have to be folded.

This marks the beginning of an adventure that made it possible to produce a collection of maps of the world’s most fascinating cities: indestructible maps that weigh next to nothing and can be crumpled.

At the end of 2011, the Crumpled City Maps family expands with the creation of the Junior City Maps made for children, with original illustrations by Alessandro Alvino.

In 2011,  ZoomArt and Galileo’s Telescope receive Honorable Mention at the XXII ADI Compasso d’Oro; and Galileo’s Telescope wins the European Consumer Choice 2011 award.

The Crumpled City Maps are published in the Adi Design Index 2011 and in the Dezeen Book of Ideas, as one of the world’s most brilliant design projects



In 2012, the Crumpled City Maps win the European Consumer Choice 2012 award.

In 2012, Palomar continues working on the theme of developing contemporary maps; the results are the felt PinWall Maps designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso and Alessandro Maffioletti. This new collection includes maps of the world, countries and some of the most important cities. They come with special pins that make it possible to create a personal wall map diary.

In 2013 the PinWall maps collection is enriched with two new formats the MINI and XL maps. It is the XL version especially that presents a less conventional concept in representing the world.


October 2013

It is the will to create a valuable object, which at the same time is bright and contemporary, that brings to the concept of Lucetta, the small magnetic bike lights. Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso, Lucetta incorporates, as so many other projects, an emphasis on your action  - like crumpling, pinning and putting into focus… - and embodies maximum utility and versatility.



In January Lucetta wins the Design Plus Awards and has been selected in Solutions 2014 Competition.

The Crumpled City™ Maps win the XXIII Compasso d’ORO Design Award Honorable Mention. These extraordinary ultra - light maps have really revolutioned the use of analogue maps and turned them for the first time into legitimate design objects. A new stunning package has been designed to celebrate this success.

Lucetta is the Gold winner of the German Design Award 2015.

Transparent City Maps is the new collection of Travel Map Diaries which share Palomar’s products original leading concept: they represent a counter-melody to the overwhelming digital technology mainstream. A resolute return to analogue which is not ”vintage” but gives a radically new meaning to travel experience. As PalomarLab the company authors both the concept and the design of this new product.


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