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Stükon is an Australian creative team committed to the highest quality production of inspired design. Stükon combines functionalism with beauty in order to impact the lives of others in a positive way through excellence in design.

Designed and manufactured exclusively in Australia, Stükon uses carefully sourced materials ranging from modern acrylics, recycled timbers and eco-friendly produced composite substrates. 

Stükon's designer, Judith Ainsworth, has a background in graphic design and fine art. Aspects of nature are the inspiration for her works, reinterpreted to the purest degree while retaining the freedom of the original form. The result is unique and stylistic pieces.

Product manufacturer for Stükon, Matthew Ainsworth, has a degree in fine art and a decade of profile cutting experience. Each work is meticulously made by combination of hand and machine.

Stükon products have featured in many leading design magazines in Australia, winning the 2010 H&G Style Award for the Star Flower pendant shade with Australian House & Garden Magazine. 

The name Stükon reflects a Nordic heritage, influence and love of innovative design. All works are produced at our regionally based Stükon studio.

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