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Zuzunaga is a design studio specialising in unique, colourful interior products, textiles and fashion accessories. Founded by artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga in 2007, the studio is now based between Barcelona and London. More than a brand, Zuzunaga is a family composed of an international team of designers, illustrators, writers, curators and overall inspired individuals. Zuzunaga grew organically. Happenstance early on led to a series of collaborative projects and we realised the immense value in working with individuals of different and complementary talents.

Working with others makes us challenge ourselves and look at things from a different point of view, which often leads to unexpected results. The Zuzunaga mission is to create beautiful, colourful products that encapsulate the dynamic nature of modern-day city living. Drawing inspiration from supermodern architecture and the way global cities like London, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai function. Their designs combine global outlook with local culture and crafts to reflect the unique characters and architectonic shapes that form today's cosmopolitan cities.

Zuzunaga believe in quality over quantity and uphold sustainable and ethical ways of working, valuing handmade craft over mass-produced, trend-following products. They believe in the restorative and enhancing power of colour and fly the flag for colour in a grey landscape. Be bright! Be bold! Join the colourful revolution!

The Zuzunaga collections are inspired by architecture and the urban environment, Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, anthropology, sociology, the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung and in particular, the latter's concept of the individuation of the soul - a process of psychological integration whereby the unconscious is brought into consciousness to be assimilated into the whole personality.

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