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Skandinavisk escape rosenhave candle

Brand: Skandinavisk

Dimensions: 11 x 9cm
Material: ceramic, oak
Colour: white, oak

Skandinavisk candles bring the fresh scents of Scandinavia to your home.

Made from a blend of perfume, FSC-certified vegetable wax and food-grade German mineral wax with a 100% cotton wick. 

Designed in Denmark, made in France.

Scandinavia is vast, diverse and undisturbed. A region where nature dominates and seasons dictate, an ancient host to unique flora and locations few feet have ever travelled.


Escaping to nature is something Scandinavians embrace enthusiastically. Long drives on empty roads, disconnecting from the material world, to hidden houses deep in the landscape, and reconnecting with mother nature. Journeys of such annual importance, they are almost akin to a religious pilgrimage. Yet for many others the temptation to escape to such remote destinations to find inner peace is far too often unfulfilled.

This inspired Skandinavisk to create a new fragrance collection, a narrow range of three unique fragrances, each intended to leave a lasting impression of Nordic peace and tranquillity.

The scents are captured inside an entirely new interpretation of our visual design, utilising new materials, yet still telling the story of Scandinavians’ unique approach to life through the medium of fragrance and flame.

Scented candle in embossed ceramic vase with raw oak lid

Alba rose & elderflower, blackcurrant buds & lily of the valley.

Rosenhave (Rose Garden), sheltered haven, nature’s bounty, romance for the heart. Nordic rose gardens are precious places, exposed to the raw climate only the hardiest varieties, and most careful owners, can expect their fragile fragrance blushes to survive and prosper after the long, frozen winters.

Made from a blend of perfume and a rapeseed wax blend with a 100% cotton wick and engraved oak lid. Hand-poured into a painted glass votive, it will burn for up to 65 hours.


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