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Damselfly i love how all these vegans candle

Brand: Damselfly

Dimensions: 10.5cm diameter, 12.5cm high
Please note: if the quantity is down to 1 it may be a display item. We will be touch with you to discuss if this is the case.

At Damselfly, it’s not all about rainbows and butterflies…

They want to hit you in the face, right in the nose, with their triple-scented aromas and then in the eyes, with a killer quote. Come on baby, light my fire...

Damselfly Candles are individually hand poured in Australia.

Special Note: The Damselfly candles are changed regularly and some designs may sell out.  They may be produced again with different typography or fragrance, or some may never be available again - so don't hesitate if you see one that is ideal for you or a friend - it may not be back!


TOP: Burnt Fig
MIDDLE: Cedarwood & Hyacinth 
BASE: Cassis 

Item code: xd48b


ON SALE AU$42.00

Stock Availability
Online/Crows Nest store: 10
Emporium Melbourne store:3
Richmond store:2
Canberra store:3
once sold, no more available

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