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Baris Gencel is an Artist, Product designer, Art Director and Cultural Ambassador from Cyprus and he has been living in Asia for over 13 years and is currently based in Hong Kong.

His passion and obsession towards design, nature and cultures is always reflected in his works. It is not hard to see minimalist, contemporary simplicity in his designs and his art pieces. He is well appreciated by his amazing colour combinations and stunning composition. He likes to work with organic forms and believes that nature is the best artist. His main inspirations are from natural elements. He represents simplicity through his design philosophy, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art. This ultimate inspiration behind all the design collections and his works that represents genuine forms of nature. He admires everything in original forms and purity. He is very much into Japanese culture and also a very big admirer of Hayao Miyakaki San, a Japanese Art Director from Studio Gihibli.

Baris has articles and research works about sustainable sourced woods. He has been working with factories to train and encourage them to use legally harvested wood and avoid child labour.

Besides Art and Design projects, Baris works with International advertising agencies as Creative Director and with NGO's: UN, UNDP, UNESCO, Conflict resolution programs. He has also been invited as a guest lecturer in universities to give speeches about design, universal values, creativity and the beauty of cultural difference.

He has graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University in 2000.

Some of his works have been selected in prestigious galleries and stores in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Chine (and now Australia!)

Baris was selected by Ethnic groups and minorities Foundation under the China Ministry of Culture as an Art consultant and also Culture Ambassador this year.


Read this interesting article Baris wrote regarding Chinese production and timber, you may be a little shocked by some of the images of Child Labour. These are NOT the factories and conditoins that Baris chooses to work with.  https://www.behance.net/gallery/14874375/A-little-story-of-

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