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Karen Walker Limited Edition Blunt Umbrella

An unexpected piece is set to become one of Autumn/Winter 2016’s fashion essentials, with Blunt Umbrellas and Karen Walker announcing the release of a limited edition umbrella in new season Karen Walker print. 

The makers of what many believe to be the world’s toughest brollies, Blunt Umbrellas, have teamed up with designer Karen Walker to create the Karen Walker for Blunt Cosmos Umbrella, a new umbrella that combines fashion and functionality.

Known for her chic-meets-eccentric handwriting and love of colour and print, Karen’s designs are universally coveted and cherished by fashion lovers worldwide. 

The Cosmos Umbrella features the Cosmos print from this season’s ‘Star City’ collection, which showed at New York Fashion Week in September 2015, and is in stores now.

“We love the idea of creating an umbrella as part of this season’s collection so the season can carry over to one of the most useful items in your life,” says Karen. “I’m a huge fan of Blunt and wanted to create an umbrella that looks great in the hand, but at the same time is top quality,” she continues. 

Blunt Umbrellas is known for its design-led ethos and often collaborates with artists and companies to create unique umbrellas.

“We love collaborating with creative, forward-thinking brands so we were really excited to put our heads together and come up with something we hope umbrella users will love,” says Scott Kington, co-founder of Blunt Umbrellas. 

Like the rest of the Blunt range, the Cosmos Umbrella is designed to be virtually indestructible, and has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 100km/h – making it a must-have statement accessory. 

Those wanting to get their hands on this autumn must-have will have to be quick –there is strictly one drop of 1,500 worldwide. It’s a super limited edition and seasonal piece that’s likely to join the ranks alongside Karen Walker’s other coveted, sell out pieces. 

Top3 by design is the exclusive retailer of the Karen Walker Limited Edition Blunt.

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