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Orbitkey 2.0 now in store!

NEW 2.0 updates! 

(ACTIVE RANGE is made from silicone and stainless steel)

Even thinner
The overall thickness of the new Orbitkey 2.0 hardware has been reduced by 2mm (40% reduction). No more awkward bulge in your pants.

Extra comfort
The form of the locking mechanism has been simplified so that it is smoother, and your thumb sits nicely into the concave surface.

Friendlier D-Ring
It's form has been softened and curved to avoid scraping the beautiful silicone straps.

Even more durable
Unlike its aluminium brother, the orbit key 2.0 is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is stronger than aluminium and does not wear as easily.

Even easier to assemble!
The new wave washer automatically captures the hardware in its inactive state making it less fiddly to assemble your orbit key out of the box.