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Looking for something out of the ordinary this Valentine's Day? Crucial Detail have teamed up with La Bella Figura to develop a rose massage oil recipe infused in the Porthole. Divine!

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Rose Infused Massage Oil by La Bella Figura


20g Dried Hibiscus Flowers
17g Dried Rose Buds
10g Dried Jasmine Flowers
2g Myrrh Gum Resin
3g Frankincense Resin
2 Whole Vanilla Pods
100 ml (3.3 oz)Olive Oil
100ml (3.3oz) Jojoba Oil
100ml (3.3oz) Sunflower Seed Oil
50ml (1.6 oz) Chia Seed Oil



Arrange dried hibiscus,rose buds and jasmine flowers in the Porthole cavity as desired.
Sprinkle in myrrh and frankincense resin and place in the vanilla bean pods. Close porthole and check for a good seal. In a beaker or glass measuring cup, add oils and stir to combine. Pour oil blend into porthole. Infuse for up to 3 months. Store in a cool dark place. 


Massage: Pour a few drops into your hand and warm in the palm before applying. Gently massage into skin using circular or long sweeping movements. Repeat as necessary.

Body Oil: Apply liberally just after a bath or shower while skin is damp. Massage well into skin.


Options for customisation are endless. The key is not to introduce anything that contains water into your oil infusion. For example, you can substitute grape seed, coconut or sweet almond oil for olive oil and substitute plum or apricot kernel oils for chia seed oil. You can replace frankincense and myrrh with anything dried that has a scent you enjoy, such as a few pieces of dried orange or lemon peel, star anise, dried ginger root or coriander seeds.

Recipe by La Bella Figura