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Bosign has supplied interiors around the globe with thoughtful design solutions since 1995. They combine modern Scandinavian detail and lasting functionality with unexpected twists to bring you lifestyle products that make even the most everyday activities an enjoyable experience. Product development at Bosign is based on their passion for design and an ongoing commitment to meeting the challenges of contemporary living with fresh, forward-thinking solutions. Bosign's aim is to go beyond expectations, improving the daily lives of their customers by providing unrivalled quality of design with superior functionality in simple, value-added products.

Reaching out to customers and partners around the world, the dedicated Bosign team and company owner, Ulf Bystedt, carefully oversee every step, from initial design and patenting to final delivery of each product. The same philosophy Ulf Bystedt founded the company on in 1995 is essentially what drives the company today - "A Bosign product is aesthetically delightful, easy to use, and so well designed that its real value is not even obvious at first glance. It gives you something extra in both functionality and form every time you use it, and it adds joy to your life in the process."