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"Light is everything.”
There was once a little girl who was surrounded by light. The long days of the short Scandinavian summers formed her happiest memories. She played and basked in the sun until its last ray flitted over the horizon. Even the darkest winters shimmered with warmth. Candles in the windows were unfazed by the harsh winds beating against the panes. And at the end of each day, a crackling fire welcomed her as she sipped cups of hot chocolate, shared stories with family and friends, and dreamed about all the midsummer nights to come. "Light is everything”, she says. The little girl’s name is Louise, and this is her story.

Beauty, Simplicity, and Form
The fireplace was the heart of her home. Louise’s family was well aware of this. They turned fireplaces into a family business, providing the best designs throughout Scandinavia. You see, it wasn’t just the warmth of the fire that made it possible to live so comfortably in the harsh northern environment. The fine design of Scandinavian furnishings made living elegant and easy. Her grandparents made sure that the home had only the most simple and beautifully designed things - so that life in the home would be just that: simple and beautiful. Louise grew up understanding how design could make a difference.

The Spark
She didn’t realise it then, but these two things - fire and design - would ignite an interest that would grow into its own niche within the family business: fireplace accessories. It’s her way of making the fireplace even more enjoyable. By developing the tools to keep the perfect fire going. To keep the conversation flowing. To keep the ideas growing. To keep that light, like at the end of a midsummer night, shining. So that people can gather together at the end of the day and share their stories. And so it was this - the love for fire and design - that was the beginning of Eldvarm.

"Light is everything."