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Kreafunk is a Danish lifestyle brand that designs and sells speakers, headphones, power banks and everyday accessories. Their simple philosophy is that life shouldn't be an eternal strive for perfection, they celebrate and embrace diversity of an ordinary everyday life.

Kreafunk is rooted in Danish design traditions, where they strive to design with careful attention to the simplicity, functionality and elegance of the products. They seek to create modern, yet sophisticated shapes and use the latest colour trends and material combinations to close the gap between creative and functional design to give you high quality products.

Their products are designed with portability in mind, making the products lightweighted and easy to bring along. And with a timeless colour splash, easy-to-wear, to-bring-along and easy-to-blend-in vibe, KREAFUNK is perfect for a modern lifestyle.

Their newer designs are inspired by shapes found in nature and have a greater focus on environmentally friendly materials, as seen with their CARE collection.