Rosendahl products sold at top3 by design
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Rosendahl is convinced that good design is found where a balance is struck between creativity and structure. Working closely with a number of leading designers, Rosendahl creates design solutions in keeping with the Scandinavian design tradition.

Design products are created, with the intention of being accessible utility items, not reserved for special occasions only. This demand on the product leads to high quality at a sensible price.

Rosendahl is behind innovative accessories for the home and the dining table - from unique, hand-blown glass designs and professional kitchen utensils, to the extensive Karen Blixen Collection, which supports the funding of new exhibitions at the Karen Blixen Museum, Rungstedlund. At the same time, they nurture Danish design treasures - from the re-creation of Arne Jacobsen's wall clocks - Banker's, City Hall and Roman - to the distribution of Kay Bojesen's much-loved wooden animals and guardsmen - classics we would not want to be without. Rosendahl proudly extends the image and tradition of Danish design to homes all over the world.