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How it all got started... Once upon a time a young ambitious Dutch design student comes home, soaking wet and leaving a gigantic puddle of water on the floor. Feeling frustrated, he sits down and takes a deep breath. He looks down on his broken umbrella, his third of the week. Outside he sees even more wrecked umbrellas, so he cries out: "We've been to the moon and beyond, but why is there not even ONE decent umbrella on this planet!?" Doing what he does best, he immediately starts generating ideas. Determined to come up with a solution, he spends months on realising his great passion: creating the ultimate umbrella. Being out in the rain should be fun again! He contacts the world's largest umbrella brands to apply for an internship, but they quickly turn him down. At first he feels frustrated, but then decides to pursue his big dream on his own: changing the world and re-arranging the sky! Soon after, he teams up with two friends, just like him green enough to underestimate the huge hurdles they're facing. Together, these three guys chose to follow their dreams, which led to the ultimate umbrella: smart, strong and stylish. senz will rearrange the sky and inspire everybody to enjoy the weather. We aspire to become the world's best-loved weather protection brand, which energizes people, makes them enthusiastic, and surprises them several times a year with new creative innovations. In ten years from now every child will draw a senz umbrella instead of a round umbrella in its drawings.