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His "Seven things to pack" is not to indiscriminately throw things in the suitcase, but - quite the opposite - only the most important thing to do inside. So the title of the personal collection of designer duo Jörg Adam and Dominik Harborth represents the great importance they send the product selection, the design, the materials used, production processes and finally the communication with manufacturers and their customers.

The late nineties they created Adam + Harborth Design in Berlin. Since then they have thrilled with their designs, many small and large companies for their skillful interplay of emotion and intellect. This passion is particularly apparent in her collection siebensachen with which they are internationally successful presence for over ten years.

Each of their siebensachen products is made ​​from carefully selected materials and is of the highest quality. Behind "Made in Germany" is an exclusive network of the small artisanal factory in the Black Forest to the large high-tech companies in the Lüneburg Heath. At all maintain the two designers close personal contact. For the next product meeting thus it is called over and over again: "Pack your bags!"