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The Essey brand name is derived from the word "essential" forming the very core of our values and inspiration. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration due to the evolutionary and organic fundamentals of minimalist success factors. Ultimately nature acts using the simplest means - the essentials. Essey is an innovative design company established to create, develop, manufacture and market furniture, homewares, office equipment and accessories. With the Danish design origin and heritage, Essey is based among a strong tradition of designer talents, creativity, knowledge and ambitions. Objects designed by Essey communicate their own existence expressed through symbolism. In the field of tension between form and function we work with communicative elements to give the object a deserved identity. Creativity, imagination and innovation are key themes of Essey products. Essey products are manufactured in Germany, Denmark and Finland. Their logistic centre is in the heart of Germany, close to manufacturing of key products and conveniently close to their European partners. Essey have in the short historical moment of existence received international acknowledgement from the most distinguished of design awards: Red Dot design award, IF design award, Good Design Award ...and other honourable mentions from around the world.