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Included Middle
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Take a furniture designer and a textile designer. Place them in the same room and ask them to define a project. That is more or less how the new duo Included Middle began their collaboration. Neither of the two established designers was looking for a new partner. But what none of them knew then was that the third space between their two professional fields was to form a new inspiring basis for design. ‘Because we come from separate professional areas, it is our dogma that both areas should be present in our products. Form, function, pattern and colours affect each other mutually when we work, and as Included Middle we almost become a third person, who creates objects based on all four parameters.’

Included Middle are especially interested in the relationship between user and object. In their minds, interaction and communication are at least as important as form, function and aesthetic in a furniture design. And this gap is precisely what forms Included Middle’s new creative framework. A gap between two designers, two areas of expertise and two curious individuals, whose collaboration defines an intersection of knowledge, skills and experiments that find their place in the duo’s new approach. An approach that is clearly in constant development, as ideas are tested and translated into objects, all with a unique sensuous dimension that makes you want to reach out, touch and use them. Which is exactly what the two designers intended…