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Lara Van Der Lugt
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Lara van der Lugt, renowned for her stunning glassware set, is part of Puik Art, which is a collective made up of talented, young Dutch designerskeen on carving out their own nieche of the deisgn world. She takes part in the deisgning process as well as the technical development of the products. Her inspirations are often drawn from production processes, materials and simply: daily life and interests, which in turn createher easy-to-use. functional and clean-looking designs.

She takes big interest with finding out how and why older products, furniture and accessory pieces were made the way they were. Lara also takes great joy in coming up with new and exciting roles for common, everyday maerials. Throughout her career, Lara pays great interest toward the history and production of every single creation with which she may asociate her own. Backgrounds and deep historical roots are important to her, as the products' stories are just as crucial as the use of the product itself.