Nicole Henrikson
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Alma & Co was founded in 2014 by Nicole Henrikson. After spending 16 years as a designer in the fashion industry – including 10 years as a freelance textile designer and illustrator – Nicole realized her passion extended further than just the design of the surface print only. She wanted to lead the entire process from design concept through to the final product.

Alma & Co is based in Melbourne, and it was an interstate move to this city and exposure to the thriving community of creative designers and makers that helped inspire the creation of the company. Nicole has also lived in Sweden, the native home of her husband. Living in Sweden and being immersed in the amazing Swedish design culture strongly influenced the way she approaches design. At home in Australia Scandinavian design remains a major influence, which is no great surprise considering  almost every item in her home hails from there.

Another big influence are Nicole’s three beautiful daughters who are very much a part of the company. Emma +Selma + Alva = Alma & Co.