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Ever since the two Danish designers Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft opened their first Stilleben store they have fostered ideas which has led to new contemporary designs. Besides their own Stilleben range, including Stilleben Tableware, Stilleben Print Collection, Stilleben Vintage and Stilleben Accessories, the Stilleben duo design products for internationally acknowledged design companies such as Georg Jensen, Skagerak and Kähler. It all began in 2009 when Kähler launched Stilleben’s iconic Omaggio Vase which immediately became a worldwide bestseller. As store owners and designers they see it as their first job to constantly create new stories and aesthetic expressions that reflect the time we live in. Stilleben recently became co-owner of a ceramic factory, which, amongst others, produces Stilleben’s own hand-thrown tableware collection. Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft are both educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in glass and ceramics.

Stilleben is a German art concept referring to a work of art depicting mostly inanimate objects. The name is closely related to the Stilleben signature; to handpick products from across the globe and mix them in a personal way.