Excellent wine breather and carafe. Never open a bottle without it anymore. Have just purchased another for the bro in law for Xmas.

I bought this for my daughter to give to her father for fathers day. He believes in letting wine breathe to bring out the flavour so it was an instant hit. Not only does it look great it also very functional. We now only drink bottles of wine from the wine breather. The wine breather carafe is a must for anyone who enjoys their wine.

I bought this for my wine connoisseur dad for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!! He loves to show off and bring his decanters to restaurants when with friends, and when he put this wine breather on the table... all his friends were amazed by how classy and cool this piece looked followed by drinking awesome aroma released wine, they were impressed and dad was a winner.

menu | wine breather carafe | clear + steel
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