Afternoons with Albert

Afternoons with Albert

As a young child, afternoons with his Grandpa Albert were a delight of tinkering in the shed and imaging all the possibilities of what could be. When something didn't work... imaging if it COULD... 

Shane had always wanted to be a pilot. His dream came true.
In his own words:

"There are few things more satisfying than watching the sunrise from the cockpit at 35,000 feet. One of them is seeing something you’ve created in use. 

While travelling I see moments paused by unnecessary interruptions. I’m driven to fix those problems. I remember what Albert taught me and I create the things I see in my head. 

Things that don’t yet exist. But that if they did would make the everyday a little better. Things made to last and evolve. To go where you go. So you can get lost in whatever it is that you’re doing."

Shane created Afternoons With Albert for people who are looking for something more.

Their adventure. Their moment. Themselves.  

For people ready to go.

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