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Discipline is a young Italian company collaborating with various designers. THey launched in 2012 at Salon Del Mobil in Milan with a collection of just 30 products comprising of furniture and household objects. Top3 by design welcomes the household objects range to Australia. (You can find the furniture with STYLECRAFT). All the Discipline collection features aesthetic surprises and technical innovations with an eye on the essence of things. To achieve this result, they are surrounded by valuable partners who interpret and perform our research through guaranteed industrial experience, by jointly carrying out sustainable productive strategies finalised at interpreting the creativity of their designers. All with a careful eye on the final price, in the respect of their final client - you.

The Discipline Manifesto: Sharing design, finding solutions to problems, interpreting behaviour, bringing discipline into projects, everyday simplicity, real values, today's luxuries, excite, not forgetting to smile, energy, good feelings, in harmony, emotional experiences, long lasting, natural materials, beauty, awareness, rediscovering common sense.

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