Gingko is design-led, technology-centered and people-driven company. 

The company, formerly known as Gingko Eco Electronics, was founded in 2011 by Paul Sun with his wife Natalie Sun who is also the chief designer of the company with the objective of designing and manufacturing high-end stylish, functional and unique quality products for home and design-led gifts. 

They are fascinated by time and have a passion for clocks and designs. They think time can be smart, stylish, simple yet functional which inspired them to design our Click Clocks range in 2010。 

As a young but thriving company, they bring a fresh approach to design incorporating modern technology into everyday objects. Sometimes life can be complicated and technology too intrusive, therefore by keeping their product lines simple yet engaging and keeping their products up to date with technology, as well as being aesthetically pleasing has kept them driven, and the reason why their products have been popular around the world. 

They thrive on seeking and creating the out of the ordinary, which enforces the foundation of their ethos, escape the boring: design for a better and smarter life.  

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