Kinto products are whimsical, practical and all have a flowing organic quality to their form. Function and beauty.

KINTO was established in 1972 as a wholesaler of porcelain/ceramic tableware in Shiga prefecture, Japan. In 1970's, KINTO succeed in distribution and wholesale made-in-Japan tableware business. From the mid 1980's, KINTO imported and distributed selected European tableware/glassware brands to Japan until 2000. In the mid. of 1990's, they realising that Japanese people demanded new table and kitchen products fits to Japanese lifestyle and, after that period, they've been developing their own original design products.

KINTO has provided a greate number of high quality products with unique design in Japan. In 2009, KINTO started a full-scale export business, and nowadays, KINTO is spread around the world, and their products are welcomed in many nations.




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