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Plyroom have collaborated with prominent Italian designers who are passionate about quality craftsmanship, sustainable use and smart design and bring them to life in their designs, and brings unique selection of exclusive furniture to Australia.

Alll products are made in Italy by masters of their craft, lovingly worked and finished by hand in a small scale setting, allowing for a convergence of technology, carefully selecting raw materials and solid craftsmanship - guaranteeing integrity and functionality while conferring a ‘hand made’ hallmark to each piece.

Plyroom believes that beautiful things shouldn’t be complicated, and that beautiful materials speak for themselves. Each Plyroom product promotes the beauty of wood and organic simplicity by avoiding harsh metal joins and screws.

From Totem Italia’s precision joinery products that are assembled in only minutes with a simple hammer, to Villa’s clean lines and nordic influences, you will be impressed by each product’s simple elegance. 

Inspired by Italian design principles and culture where things in the home are looked upon with a generational permanence, Plyroom shares this sustainable ideology through products made with quality craftsmanship.

All wood used by our Plyroom partners is sourced from sustainably managed and harvested European forests

A unique joinery system allows many Plyroom products to be shipped to you flat-packed, reducing transport emissions.

Plyroom products are special because most of these products haven’t been created for just one room. A dining table works perfectly as a children’s desk or hallway table. A bedside table goes perfectly in the livingroom next to your sofa.

Sustainability extends to sustainable use, creating new ways to use what you already have.

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