Printworks was founded with the simple ambition of creating functional everyday products with a new aesthetic twist to make them better suited for modern life. People of this time are striving to bring individuality and authenticity into their homes. Their thoughtful choice of colours, material, and typography make Printworks products relevant for this new way of living and will become classics for the new generation.

Their goal is that functional products such as board games, photo albums, puzzles, etc. – objects which have previously been hidden away when not in use – should be so aesthetically pleasing that you want to have them out in your home all the time. When you are not using a Printworks product, it can remain on display in your home and add a special touch to your interior.

Their firm belief is that when you have, for instance, a game more reachable at home, you will also use them more often. And in the digital life that we live in, we think it's good sometimes to take the time to log out from our connected devices, and go back to the more old-school way of spending time with each other.

A lot of their products have the purpose of bringing people together - the way we once used to. Feel the nostalgia of solving a puzzle together with your spouse, play a classic board game with your kids or gather around one of our popular culture memory games as an after-dinner activity with friends.

Their goal is to reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible. Single-use packaging is always a problem when being a producer of consumer goods. Therefore so they try hard by making the packaging an integral part of the product – that isn't something you throw away because that's how you store it. Again, if you design it good enough – people may even use that packaging as interior detail.

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