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One idea that grew into a collaboration between two designers on a journey toward creative freedom.
The Rooster’s Rook story starts from an idea in the middle of the night that transformed into a collaboration of two designers from different industries. The designer duo is driven by the pursuit of creative freedom and the design process. Sharlon Farrugia and Joanne Cassar, draw on the foundations and design principles developed throughout their individual careers and apply a fusion of ideas, experience and skills to the art of creating their debut product The Genesis timber clutch.


Roosters Rook design and make luxurious timber clutches for women who demand to be noticed. Designed and made locally in their Melbourne workshop from the finest quality in Australian recycled, reclaimed and sustainable timbers.

At Rooster’s Rook, they believe that today’s consumer understands the impact and importance of making ecologically responsible choices. Therefore they’re proud to produce products which include sustainable materials that are recycled, reclaimed and sustainably harvested.

The recycled timbers they choose to work with are usually salvaged from iconic Australian antiquity such as Jarrah from disused wharves and bridges in Western Australia, or Vic Ash from woolsheds in Northern Victoria through to Central NSW, and Spotted Gum which proved to be the back bone of Australia’s far north industrial infrastructure since the early 1800’s.  Great care is taken when processing these Australian timbers in order to minimise waste and maximise yield, reducing our environmental impact.

Wear your Rooster’s Rook Timber clutch in confidence knowing that you are doing your part to ensure that our planet can be enjoyed well into the future.

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