The Grace Files

The Grace Files

The Grace Files founder Janelle Ruthven is a former cardio-thoracic nurse who finds joy in looking after people. During those hard but happy and fulfilling years of nursing, she came to understand that patients needed the small comforts like a good cup of tea or a comfortable pillow as well as the best medical care. She left nursing to raise two boys and then moved to New York with her family for four years while the children were still small.

The urge to help others still runs deep so Janelle created The Grace Files with ideas that sprang from her experiences as a mother and nurse – journals that would be both helpful and meaningful, and beautiful gifts that would feel like a warm hug from someone you love.

Janelle and a small team of like-minded souls work from a leafy Sydney neighbourhood where they love making lists, folding things neatly and cuddling gorgeous cats that get in the way.

The gift of a handwritten journal or card expresses love in the time taken to write it and becomes more and more meaningful with time.

The Grace Files value time.

When you let yourself be still many wonderful things happen. It’s healing to be in the moment. To let go of worries about the past or future. To wrap their hands around a cup of tea and breathe in. It puts things in perspective when you notice small details, the way the light shifts or a new leaf unfolding. And it’s fulfilling to take all the time you need to make something properly. Good things take time.

Your time is a gift – to yourself and to others.

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