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birde | childrens smart media player | purple

Brand: Birde

Dimensions: 17.5 x 7.3 x 6.7cm

Birde is a world first, Australian designed media streaming player for young children. Birde makes it easier for kids to play their own music, audiobooks and video in a completely safe way.

Birde is made up of three key elements – the speaker console, hexagonal shaped Birde content Seeds (music, video or audiobooks) and the TV and mobile apps.

Kids simply tap the Birde Seed on the console and the music plays. The mobile apps will allow parents to adjust volume, choose more content to buy, and monitor the account. If a supported Smart TV or streaming device is paired with your account, video can be streamed directly to your TV.

Birde is educational
Everything has an educational element to help toddlers and preschoolers learn at their own pace. There's content from The Wiggles, StoryBots, Play School, Counting with Paula, Dinosnores with more being added all the time.

Birde is easy to use
Children as young as one intuitively know how to tap the Birde console with a Birde Seed to play music.

It’s completely kidproof. No more broken screens and cracked remotes like you might have experienced with other media streaming devices! Both the console and the Birde Seeds are waterproof, washable and drop proof in little hands.

Birde is safe
Birde does require a Wi-Fi connection to download content however it has no access to the Internet. Unlike most media streaming devices, there is no way children can find anything inappropriate or see advertising. You choose the content you think is appropriate for them.

Birde is portable
Its compact design and eight hours of battery life means your little one can safely stream music and audiobooks out and about. Once your content has been purchased, it’s downloaded onto the device so can be listened to without a Wi-Fi connection. Birde is wirelessly rechargeable, so your kids can just remove it from the dock and off they go.

Birde won Gold at the Good Design Award 2019.

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