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dovetail press | Ice tray treats book

Brand: Dovetail Press

Dimensions: 15 x 23cm

Do you find homemade drinks never quite live up to cocktail bar expectations? Chances are, the problem is lurking in your freezer. Ice does more than keep your drink cold. The rate of dilution directly affects the overall balance of ingredients, and if your ice was left uncovered in the freezer, it's adding unpleasant absorbed odours to your cocktails.
The Peak collection was designed to elevate everyday drinks, bringing speakeasy-quality ice to your home freezer.

Learn to repurpose silicone ice trays as flexible, fill-and-chill molds for bite-sized desserts. From froyo pops to panna cotta, cheesecake bites to chocolate truffles, this collection of 40 recipes for no-bake desserts is an ingenious alternative to traditional pastry cookbooks.

Author: Olivia Mack McCool

Hardcover | 96 pages

Item code: 9781732695214


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