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danish fuel | bar cabinet | luxe | copper + walnut

Brand: Danish Fuel

Dimensions: 48 x 33 x 18cm
Material: metal + wood
Colour: copper

The Jerry Can was designed during World War II fuel by the Germans in 1939. These bar cabinets (and bathroom cabinets) are upcycled from discarded Fuel Cans, which otherwise end up in landfill. No two Danish Fuel Jerry Cans are alike, so these truly are rare and unique pieces of art that are making use of waste.

Old rust and paint have been removed by sandblasting and then new powder coating added. Real timber internal shelving and panel detailing create the finishing touch. Each cabinet takes 3-4 weeks to make, with every single one resulting in a unique statement piece.

All Danish Fuel designs are made using Jerry Cans that are collected from Military surplus stock-houses in Europe. Unique and handcrafted pieces of art, which are now available to help you put together your own unique conversation starter. The greatest gift for the one who has anything. 

Each Jerry Can is marked with a one of a kind ID number that is embossed into the aluminium octane tag no two are alike. The original manufacturing year appears on the front of the can as an emboss. Therefore all Danish Fuel Jerry Cans are from the year 1939 - 2000.

Proudly made in Denmark.

Each bar cabinet is supplied with:

- Crate supplier box with rope handles
- Vintage jute dustbag
- Inner dustbag
- Embossed ID number on aluminium plate
- Aluminium certificate card
- Leather wall hangers
- Dog tag key hanger
- Maintenance kit

Country of brand: Denmark

Item code: dfbccuw2


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