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eva solo | my flavour carafe

Brand: Eva Solo

Dimensions: diameter 8.1 x 28.2cm height | 1 litre
Please note: if the quantity is down to 1 it may be a display item. We will be in touch with you to discuss if this is the case.

MyFlavour water carafe boasts a removable skewer in the lid, which means that all kinds of aromas can easily, and also for decorative effect, be added to the water we serve – and it is just as easy to remove the fruit and greenery from the carafe again.

The skewer in the MyFlavour carafe is detachable, and the carafe can also be used without it - or without its lid; however, it is a good idea to keep the lid on when the carafe is stored in the fridge so that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours. 


Winner of the IF Design Awrd 2016.

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