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puik | radiant glasses | set of 2

Lara Van Der Lugt for Puik

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9cm

Water and diamonds. The world’s most treasured resources are getting more rare each day and need to be treated with care. The ‘Rare’ carafe was inspired by a brilliant diamond cut.

Lara was inspired by the scarcity of water for the design of Rare and Radiant.

"In this day and age, most people are used to the fact that water is always available, which makes it under appreciated. We, therefore, need to start cherishing it, like diamonds.

Within my designs, I strive for sustainable beauty and usability." Says the designer, Lara Van Der Lugt

The carafe is made out of mouth blown crystal glass, which catches the light in the manner of a real diamond. 

The faceted edges allow the carafe or glasses to sit in various ways on the table. 
The Rare Carafe also makes an exquisite vase. Carafe and glasses are sold separately.

Elevate the drinking experience with the Radiant crystal water glasses. Their unique diamond-shaped form allows them to be set down in a variety of ways, creating interesting reflections of liquid, light and glass from different angles. Complete the look by complementing with the Rare carafe.

Supplied in a pair, each exquisite 9 x 9cm vessel is constructed from mouth-blown crystal glass. Whatever your choice of beverage – wine, water or whisky – Radiant glasses will ensure that you savour every sip.

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