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crucial detail | porthole infuser

Martin Kastner for Crucial detail

Dimensions: diameter 17 x 5cm
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A must for every "foodie". The Porthole is a simple, beautiful infusion vessel designed by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail design studio. It can be used to create striking cocktails, oils, teas, dressings, lemonade, coffee, or any other type of cold infusion.

Since its debut in 2011, the Porthole has gained significant attention. Originally created as a custom piece for the bar chefs at The Aviary in Chicago, IL, it has been featured in dozens of magazines and blogs, including the cover of Food Arts magazine.

Early versions of the Porthole were hand-crafted in a small batch at Crucial Detail but, due to enthusiastic response to the piece, was adapted for higher volume manufacturing and launched as a Kickstarter campaign in August of 2012.

It was a highly successful campaign reaching it's manufacturing pledge goal in a matter of hours. The Porthole Infuser was born!

Create infusions for tea, soups or cocktails.  From simple additions of Fruit and Sugar Syrup to complex creations the infuser is a talking point at the dinner table and an artistic delight.

For a romantic night in: ROSE OIL INFUSION

Spiced Syrup Recipe

2 vanilla beans
15g cinnamon
5g allspice
5g cloves
5g red peppercorns
5g star anise
5g cardamon
400ml simple syrup 

Arrange spices in the Porthole cavity.
Close the Porthole and check for a good seal.

Fill the Porthole with simple syrup -or any preferred syrup.

Infuse for an hour and up to several days. If infusing longer than one week, refrigerate to extend shelf life. For faster infusion, double the amount of each spice.

Serving Ideas
- Pour into coffee or black tea.
- Pour over pancakes, waffles and yogurt.
- Add to French Toast egg mixture.
- Experiment with mixed cocktails.
- Tweak the recipe to your taste and report back your favorite choices!


Awards include:
gia award

Country of brand: USA
Country of designer: Czech Republic

Item code: 0767r


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