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olupono | cafe collection | soap bottle | coffee

Brand: Olupono

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Olupono Hand Soap is 100% Japanese-made from beginning to end, all the way down to the bottle in which it is contained, reflecting the devotion to quality.

The first priority was to create a hand soap with superior cleansing properties while adhering to the most rigorous safety standards - gentle for the consumer as well as the environment. In Japan’s best artisanal tradition, Olupono worked closely with their team of experts to develop a formula that both soothes and thoroughly cleans the skin, composed of pure, biodegradable ingredients.

The second objective was to create a product that would be pleasing to the senses. To this end we have selected a shimmering array of fragrances and colours that foster calm and relaxation.

The natural aromas chosen are derived from edible ingredients such as one might expect to find in a favourite cafe: coffee and tea, wine and champagne, peach and lemon, and so they named the product line the "Cafe Series". Unlike heavy perfumes that linger, the flavours that infuse the hand soaps are delicate and fleeting, like a trace of something luscious caught on the breeze.

The crystalline purity of the liquid, shot through with luminous pearls, is enhanced by the sleek lines and transparency of the bottle. Available in an array of rainbow hues, Olupono Hand Soap will add a lustrous accent to any powder room, blending well with every decor.

A special care has been taken to choose gentle ingredients friendly to the skin.

Olupono Hand Soap is 100% paraben-free with low acidity. Organic aloe vera juice blended with organic rosemary extract provide a rich moisturiser that is released in the scrubbing action as you wash your hands and penetrates deeply into the skin. This rich moisturising quality is one of the features that make Olupono Hand Soap a superior product.

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