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architectmade | gemini candles | 4 pack

Brand: Lassen


It is back! The incredibly simple yet ingenious candle-stick was designed to make use of waste parts from tubular chair production.

Designed in 1965, gemini has been out of production for a while, and i tis now back and we are excited to welcome it back into our range. Use each "horse-shoe" shaped candlestick singulalry or cluster to form a spectacular candelabra.

All good things come in pairs. Peter Karpf designed the elegant semi-circular Gemini candleholder with exactly that in his mind. The idea is that the two flames are as mathematically close to each other as possible without tipping over.

Gemini stands out with its clean lines, purity and polished stainless steel finish, typical of the midcentury Danish design. The candleholders can stand on their own or be arranged in any array of options the imagination allows.

Solid steel tube with hollowed end for the candle.

Sold separately. Candles sold separately.

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