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pen | sway floor lamp

Nick Rennie for Pen

Dimensions: diameter 22 x 174cm high
Material: LED light, silicone, steel and carbon rod
Colour: black

The name Sway is derived from the floor lamp's distinctive 'swaying' motion when knocked or moved. This chargeable, cordless, mobile floor lamp is designed by renowned Australian designer Nick Rennie with Made By Pen.

The Sway Lamp won 'Best in Class' at the Australian Good Design Awards.

The Sway lamp provides 5-light settings - warm-low, white-low, medium-warm, natural, and natural-bright. To operate 'on' or 'off' or to change the light settings, either place the lamp in his trivet (black ring) to steady it, or hold the lamp steady with one hand and use your other hand to lightly tap the rod. The lamp will cycle through the five light settings before switching off. Upon tapping 'on' again, the lamp will remember your last setting. 

When the power is low, it will automatically drop to its warm-low setting. Once this occurs you should recharge.

The trivet can be used to keep the lamp in an upright position or angled if you wish to use you lamp for purposes such as a reading light. The trivet is also used when charging to protect the cable as it is plugged into the base of the lamp.

The lamp has an industry classification of IP54 rating, which means it can be used outdoors and withstand light spray. Please DO NOT place your lamp in the shower, pools of water, or leave outside in frost/ rain conditions. 

The battery should last between 6-10 hours depending on which light setting you use.

Flooring variations can mean your Sway operates differently on different surfaces. This is an expected feature of the product. Wooden hard flooring will elicit the best pendulum response.

LUX indication  | Warm Low28 I White Low28 I Medium Warm 34 I Natural 40 I Natural Bright 70 

Wattage | minimum 4, maximum 7



Sydney, ACT, TAS: $50
Port Macquarie through to Brisbane: $55
Sunshine Coast to Cairns and Perth: $76
Melbourne: $36
Outside Melbourne metro: $46

Awards include:
Good Design Award - Best In Class Winner

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