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normann copenhagen | ichi bird | penguin

Beaverhausen for Normann Copenhagen

Dimensions: 6.7 x 15cm high
Material: stained ash

One, two, three barmy birds. Ichinisan make for an offbeat trio, sure to put a smile on your face. Crazy and cute, with an exclusive look due to the dark wood and meticulous design.

"When we design, we sometimes narrow down our own playing field, because this often helps us come up with a surprising twist, which we might never have considered otherwise. In this case, we set ourselves the task of using six sticks for each bird. As a result, the tails are made from one, two or three sticks. The number three became the common denominator for the figures", designer Beaverhausen explains.

Consequently, the height varies by 3cm between each of the birds, who have been given the names Ichi-Ni-San; meaning one, two, three in Japanese. The group consists of a penguin, a parrot and a robin.

ICHI the penguin is the tallest in the group. He gets his eccentric character from his funky lopsided wings, his slender body and his distinctive eye region.

Then there's NI the parrot, with his big beak and gawky figure. The exotic bird with the calm appearance is the kind-hearted peacekeeper of the group. Even shorter than his parrot friend beside him, SAN the robin is a charismatic little troubadour with a beaky look on his face.

IchiNiSan can be placed side by side or stacked on top of one another like a sort of lively totem pole. Their strong individual personalities allow them to sit just as nicely by themselves.

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