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rosendahl | dachshund dog | walnut

Kay Bojesen for Kay Bojesen

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Dimensions: 10.5cm high
Material: walnut wood

Kay Bojesen's premise in his work was a conviction that his objects should have life, blood and a heart. This is especially obvious in his beloved wooden animals, which have adorned children's bedrooms with smiles, taking children's dreams to far-flung lands. They stay with you from childhood into adulthood, and we call them classics because we would not want to be without them. And because they were made with love, imagination and intelligence.

Kay Bojesen's Dachshund was born in 1934. For years, children and adults have created the stories that have made the Dachshund part of the family. For christenings, birthdays, school leavers, anniversaries and weddings.

A classic and a dear friend for life – from being a popular toy in the playroom to a much-loved design icon in a future home.

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