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botanica boutique | biodome | concrete

Brand: Botanica Boutique

Dimensions: diameter 30 x 25.5cm
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Biodome is a stunning vivarium that magnifies the beauty of ferns, small plants and mosses under its glass dome.

The dome has been carefully designed with an opening in the top to enable watering and airflow, making it conducive to both temperate and tropical plants. Succulents also flourish with minimal watering.

Glass semi-open top
Concrete base and cork pad
Cork Seal
Watering mister
Microfibre cloth

The Biodome is a semi-open micro-climate to house delicate bryophytes and terrarium plants.

Select up to 4 plants. One for the canopy, understory, shrub layer and floor. Choose plants with similar needs. For ground-cover we suggest pebbles and pieces of moss. We recommend the Bottle Babies brand or similar small terrarium plants in max 7cm pots.

Add 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal and pebbles in the base for drainage.

If potted plant soil is dry, water first. Then remove plants from their pots, keeping the majority of soil intact.

Arrange your plants on top of the drainage layer. Use larger stones to hold the plants in position and gently compact. Remaining soil from the pots can be used to stabilise plants but additional potting mix is not required. A low profile looks best in Biodome.

Use stones and pebbles to fill any gaps. Avoid them touching the perimeter where the glass top will locate. Decorate with lichen sticks or other feature pieces.

Mist with filtered water and place the lid. Choose a position for your Biodome that has natural light for at least 2 hours a day but keep away from direct sun. The opening in the glass top is designed for ventilation and occasional top up watering. Lift the lid once a fortnight to mist the shrub and floor layers and groom your plants.

Pay attention to the effects of air-conditioning and the seasons. Keep and follow the care instructions tag from your plants. Get in tune with your plants by observing your terrarium daily.

Some Plants that will enjoy the environment in the Biodome:

- Dieffenbachia
- Fittonia- Syngonium
- Cordyline
- Fern-Boston
- Peace Lilly

Try miniature Palms, Ferns and African Violets too!

Country of brand: Australia

Item code: biodome-crete


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