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ya pas le feu au lac | cork vase | beehive

Veronique Maire for YA Pas Le Feu Au Lac

Dimensions: diameter 12 x 18.5cm tall
Please note: if the quantity is down to 1 it may be a display item. We will be in touch with you to discuss if this is the case.

A delightful contrast between cork and glass forms a very personable vase collection which can be used singly or together as a sculptural centre-piece - with our with out flowers.

The cork vase (or Cantine vase) family was created from the diversion of a classical stackable glass which marked the Veronique's childhood. Each vase is named by a number as a wink to the numbers that appear at the  bottom of those glasses. 

It reminds her of the game her family played that consisted in asking the question "how old are you?" and then look in the glass to get an answer. So, the renewed use of this glass, like the madeleine of Proust, combined with various cork hats, allows the vase to reintroduce happily this emblematic object in our adults' lives. 

PLEASE NOTE: the vase dimensions are incorrect in our printed catalogues. We apologise for this error. Images shown here are in scale in relation to on-another and dimensions are accurate.

Item code: modele-12


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