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blunt umbrella | metro 2.0 | flox

Flox for Blunt

Dimensions: 100cm open x 37.5cm closed | 385g
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Blunt derives its name from the clever fact that there are no sharp points at the edge of the canopy, making it super safe as you wander the streets, feeling safe and dry.

The low profile and tensioned canopy allows the Blunt umbrella to sit effortlessly in the wind and provide maximum protection from the elements.

The innovative design means the canopy will not tear at the tips or easily turn inside out. The push-pull runner makes the Blunt easy to open and a concealed catch keeps the Blunt closed when not in use.

As the Blunt canopy unfurls, the additional double struts redirect the user’s effort into the specially designed floating ribs.

The Blunt tips open like miniature umbrellas into their specially designed pockets, evenly distributing tension right to the edge, where it is most needed.

2 year warranty

With Blunt's focus on sustainability, their umbrellas will be repaired and not replaced. Umbrellas that were purchased under the 5 year warranty will still be honoured for 5 years (Jan 2017 – June 2019).

Cleaning and drying your Blunt:

When cleaning your canopy, use a clean cloth and some warm water to clear any marks. Make sure you keep away from any chemical detergents and bristle brushes as these can damage the material. Blunt canopies are not machine washable.

Make sure you dry out your umbrella completely to avoid any mildew or water stains forming. The best way to dry your umbrella is to leave it fully open. But if space is limited (or you're a little superstitious), your Blunt can be dried by standing it with the handle up and the canopy tie released.

Compact, convenient and collapsible, the Blunt Metro umbrella is perfect for the urban dweller, busy people in busy places.
With 100cm coverage, the Metro is perfectly sized to give you coverage while not taking up too much street space. The Metro's auto-open canopy easily opens with the push of a button, and collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve. At 37.5cm in length, you can whip your Blunt umbrella out of your handbag or briefcase whenever the weather acts up.

BLUNT x Flox - Limited Edition
The Blunt Flox Limited Edition pays homage to our beautiful landscapes here in Australia as well as our neighbours across the ditch in New Zealand.

Featuring a mix of both native Australian and New Zealand birds and botanicals, the artwork is a lush synergy of nature and colour.

'This umbrella collab with BLUNT is an opportunity to extend my practice of highlighting distinct and often rare or endangered flora and fauna from around the world. By creating an artwork that intertwines aspects of both Australian birds and botanicals with those from Aotearoa New Zealand, I present this piece as a tribute to the environmental taonga and treasures of Oceania.' - Flox

To avoid any nicks, holes, or scuffs, make sure to always store your Blunt Metro in its sleeve. These help protect the canopy and can also prevent any marks when you store it in the car or place it in your bag.

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