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bosign | hideaway cable manager | white + marble xxl

Jonathan Maltz for Bosign

Dimensions: 46 x 21.5 x 24.5cm high

Hideaway is your cable best friend! Cables to outlets run from the underside of the box. Cables that will be connected to cell phones, computers or other electronic products run through a hole in the lid. It is therefore easy to connect and disconnect things, but it is also easy to lift the lid without disturbing the items lying on top. Hideaway is both a box for all cables and a basin for storing smaller electronics, a practical product with many uses both at home and in the office.
The lid on Hideaway is designed to work as a basin or small tray where you can put your keys and wallet in addition to your cell phone. On a table in the entryway, the small version of Hideaway becomes the natural place to put things that normally hide in your pockets when you are on the go. However, these days many use their cell phones as alarm clocks, so it can be handy to have a place by the bed where the charger is also located. Even other chargers, such as those for cameras and toys, find a home in Hideaway's lid.
Products in close contact with high-voltage objects must take into consideration fire danger and the potential for electric shock. Therefore, the materials in Hideaway are neither potentially conductive nor flammable, and are also chosen to be recyclable. The top of the lid has a thin layer of a soft rubber-like plastic to ensure items are stable and do not slide off the lid very easily, and to provide a storage place for fragile items.
To keep cables in the box, Hideaway's lid has small heels that snap in place when you close the lid. Other protruding cables are kept in place and the lid is securely shut, but can easily be opened by gripping and pulling on the hole in the lid.
This is medium in size and fits a standard size Australian 4 hole powerboard inside.

Country of brand: Sweden
Country of designer: Sweden

Item code: bs240106


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