PYTT Living

PYTT Living

The Danish brand, PYTT creates minimalist, detail oriented and, above all, functional design.

PYTT originates from the Danish word “pyt”, which means never mind: Never mind that it may seem a bit chaotic to begin with, never mind what other people think – at PYTT we make the leap and dare to succeed. No more same old. Sometimes you have to make a leap into the dark if you want to make something new, something special. This is their approach with their products, created from classic and quality-conscious design that wants to be seen and appreciated.

Acting in a responsible way is hugely important to PYTT – environmentally, ethically and financially. This personal ethos permeates through PYTT, from their choice of materials, responsible production methods based on European standards, and their focus on generating as little waste as possible. THey believe you can feel it when you hold a PYTT product in your hands.

PYTT work very closely with designers and production experts. They always have high quality materials close at hand. The leap from idea to action takes only a moment... they can can quickly try out new ideas and inspire one another with creative feedback, by sharing and exchanging our different views. This is the wellspring that shapes the look of PYTT products.

“We believe that simple design and the good story are the key values that make Scandinavian design world-class. At PYTT, we love to create classic, inspiring design that has personality and charm. Design that feels right in the modern home.”

Jan Nielsen, Director at PYTT
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